MilesWeb Review: The Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider

MilesWeb Review: The Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider

Planning to start your own web hosting business? Reseller hosting is a great way to start your own web hosting business without owning and operating  a server. 

Reseller hosting allows you to resell white-labeled services to your clients under your brand name. It is a good option for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their web hosting business. Even current web developers can also add the hosting service to their business.  

Choosing the right reseller hosting provider is the most important decision you have to take. MilesWeb is among the best reseller hosting providers in the market. They are known for offering quality web hosting services to customers at competitive prices.  

In this article, I will be sharing a review of their Linux reseller hosting. 

Before we move on to the review, let us know about reseller hosting in short. 

What is Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller hosting is basically a type of web hosting service where you, the reseller, rent out the web hosting services to your customers, in turn earning a profit. The reseller hosting provider rents out the resources like CPU, disk space, bandwidth, RAM, etc. 

Advantages of Reseller Hosting are:

  • You get to act as a hosting company with your brand name.  
  • You can design your hosting plans and packages that you can offer to your clients. 
  • You get the right to bill  your customers using your brand name. 

Features of MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting 

Free SSL Certificate 

MilesWeb offers free SSL certificates with their reseller hosting plans. 

It ensures the safety of your website from hackers and identity thefts. An SSL certificate keeps the sensitive information of your website encrypted while transferring it over the internet so that only the intended recipient can access it. 

100% SSD Storage 

If you want to get super-fast speed for your websites, SSD storage is all you need. Compared to traditional HDD drives, the SSD drives deliver fast performance to your website. MilesWeb offers SSD drives that deliver the best speed and performance to your websites. 

100% White Labeled System 

MilesWeb offers a 100% white-labeled system with their Linux reseller hosting plans. With the 100% white labeled system, you can build your own web hosting business. It allows you to sell the services under your brand name.  

Web Host Manager (WHM)

MilesWeb offers a web host manager, which is cPanel’s master management tool. You can control a few popular and resource-consuming sites with the WHM. Also, it allows you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc. 

cPanel Control Panel 

With cPanel, you can give access to your clients so that they can manage their emails, domains and websites from a web-based interface. You also get the freedom to monitor your disk space and bandwidth. 

Free Website Builder 

MilesWeb offers a free website builder tool with their reseller hosting plan. It allows you to create a website with just two easy functions, drag and drop. 

With the website builder tool, you and your clients can create a professional website without having coding or technical skills.   

Datacenter Choice

The data center location has an immense impact on the data delivery speed of websites. MilesWeb has data centers located in different countries, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and India. Website owners can choose a data center that is nearest to their target audience. 

Top Features of MilesWeb’s Hosting 

Here are the top features of best web hosting Australia

24/7 Customer Support 

MilesWeb offers 24/7 support to all customers via email or live chat. For any of your issues related to web hosting, you can contact their support representative. They are ready to help you and make sure your issue is resolved instantly. 

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

An uptime guarantee is a promise that your website will be up and accessible online for a certain percentage of the time. MilesWeb offers an average uptime guarantee of 99.95%. MilesWeb’s Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers delivers the best uptime for websites. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with their reseller hosting plans. If you are not happy with their services, you can get the money refunded within 30 days of signing up for their reseller hosting plan. 

MilesWeb Review: Reseller Hosting Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb is among the few web hosts in the market known for providing affordable reseller web hosting plans. They have four reseller hosting plans, Micro, Startup, Grow and Expand. 

If you check out their entry-level starter plan of reseller hosting, Micro, it costs $ 6.16 per month on three years of subscription. 

The Startup plan costs $10.56 per month on three years of subscription. The Grow plan costs $ 30.36 per month on three years of subscription and the Expand plan costs $ 28.16 per month on three years of subscription. 

Currently, you can save 12% off on all their reseller hosting plans. For the resources you get with each reseller hosting plan, you can refer to the image above. 

Also, you can buy and renew the reseller hosting plan at the cost of signup. 


MilesWeb provides the best reseller hosting service. If you are looking for a profit-driven reseller web host in Australia, MilesWeb can be an ideal option for you. 

They offer 100% white labeled services, 24/7 support and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Also, you get all the reseller-specific features that will help you run a successful web hosting business. 

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