11 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About

Reddit Features

We are all aware of how people throughout the world use digital media. It has been proved that individuals utilize digital services for an average of 6 hours per day worldwide, but this likely escalated to 12 hours per day during an epidemic.

You may have heard of Reddit if you spend too much time online and keep connected to the digitally enabled world. The site claims to be the “first page of the internet,” It is not just a claim: As per Alexa, it is the seventh most popular site in the United States and one of the 19th most popular worldwide. So, what is Reddit? It is a huge collection of forums where individuals can exchange news and stuff and remark on other people’s contributions.

It is a platform that mixes online content, social news, a forum, and a social network into one massive beast. Members can add content to the site in photographs, text, videos, and links if registered. Other members can vote down or up on any material on the site.


Reddit is sub-categorized into over a million “subreddits,” or communities generally focusing on a particular topic. Before proceeding to the next thing, we want to point out some beautiful aspects of Reddit that only some people know.

Learn the top six strategies that can help you get Karma on Reddit.

Discover How To Style Your Remark

Your comment may be styled in a variety of ways. You have seen Reddit responses on how people add style to their comments. If you know how and where to utilize the Markup syntax, you are set to sit in the competition because Reddit can recognize them. Also, you may use Unicode characters from the Kannada language to create those funny-styled emoticons that are popular on Reddit, such as the look of disapproval emoticons.

Boost up your Karma Points

This takes a long time to function, but it does. It is unnecessary to submit along with remarks; small but useful ones will undoubtedly help you gain Karma points. Posting relevant comments on prominent subreddits will help you earn more Karma points.

You may also make several Karma points by answering frequently requested questions. Make sure your response is both amusing and practical. ‘More up-votes equates to ‘Karma scores.’ Posting funny and intricate tales in responses also helps attract much attention, followed by up-votes and Karma points.

Generate Various Profiles on Reddit

Many accounts are always good if you are utilizing Reddit for digital marketing. Keeping a backup linkage for a certain operation makes it easier and more fluid. Create a personal account, two marketing identities, and one or two backup accounts. Reddit accounts may be created quickly and easily. Finally, remember to promote your reports from the previous several months.

MultiReddits are a type of subreddit that you may create and utilize

To minimize duplicate postings and Subreddits, you may group comparable Subreddits into a MultiReddit and add the SubReddits. When creating a MutliReddit, please give it a title appropriate for the category. You may build a multireddit on Reddit, a technique to gather multiple subreddits to browse on a single page. This may be beneficial if you want to aggregate relevant subreddits on one page rather than visiting every one separately. To make a multireddit, go to your Reddit account’s left settings panel, select Create, and follow the steps.

It would be helpful if you were signed in to create a multireddit. Go from your front page and click the start button under multireddits on the left side of the page. After giving it a name, you will get to a page where you may add subreddits. By pressing explore multis, you can see what others have created regarding multireddits.

For speedier surfing, use a “p.”

If you do not even feel like browsing (or scrolling through) a community at large infinite pages, or if you are sick of looking through many subreddits regarding uploading images, r/pics is one of the most popular and basic subreddits. Add a ‘p’ to the ending of Reddit in the URL if you only want to see the photographs without clicking on every link. This will make a slideshow of all of the subreddit’s posts. This advice works especially effectively on subreddits that are predominantly image-based.

Reddit has an in-app browser

You are given two options when opening Reddit: open the Reddit app or use your mobile browser. However, many users prefer to open the Reddit app. There are ways to disable the ‘Open in app’ pop-up. To make this option appear only once per user, use the incognito mode and do not delete your browser’s history. Another way is to install the browser app.

You can control how content appears on Reddit by modifying its Personalization Preferences in the app’s Settings. You can also choose which content to see from advertisers or third-party sites. Reddit will explain any changes you make to your preferences. Alternatively, you can always use Safari to access Reddit’s search and comment sections. However, you should remember that the app may display more ads if you have blocked ads containing offensive content.

Some websites transform Reddit into an email or a spreadsheet

Reddit has a unique look, particularly in its communities. Fortunately, various websites can disguise Reddit as anything from a Microsoft Word document to a mail from Microsoft Outlook to even lines of code. Make sure you use such tools at work, should your Google boss see you interested in your Outlook account.

It is a social network

Many social networks exist, but only a few have stood the test. Facebook is defunct, Google Plus never really took off, and Reddit is still thriving after outlasting several competitors. This content-focused network is often described as the “front page of the Internet” due to the sheer volume of content it hosts. Whatever your interests, Reddit is a powerful traffic source for various purposes.

Users rank posts on Reddit by upvotes and downvotes. They can be text-only comments, images, videos, or direct links to websites. The more people vote for a post, the higher it will appear in the main post section. A post must receive more upvotes to avoid falling to the bottom of its category. In addition, every time someone interacts with a stick, they receive “karma.” This will increase their visibility among other users.

It is a subreddit site

The popular social website Reddit is divided into communities or subreddits. Each subreddit focuses on a topic and contains threads for users to post content and interact with. Each post is upvoted or downvoted based on relevancy or the user’s preference. Founded in the early 2000s, Reddit quickly became popular for people to share and discuss content. Because the site has such a unique style, content is organized according to subreddits, allowing people to share their and others’ content.

When you visit a subreddit, click the “Create Post” button at the top right of your screen. Once you have done this, you can type a text post, upload an image or video, and include a link. You must create a meaningful title to ensure other users see your post. Some subreddits accept only certain types of content, so if you share jailbait, you will want to use a more descriptive title.

It is a community

Reddit allows its users to vote on content posted by others. It was discovered by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, who call it the “first page of the internet.” Today, it is the sixth most visited website in the U.S. It features a separate section for user-submitted content, and it is mostly made up of male users in the 18-29 age group.

The idea behind Reddit is to share opinions on various topics with other users. Unlike the old-school bulletin board systems, Reddit is a social media site, with posts submitted by users ‘upvoted’ by other users. The higher the votes a post gets, the higher the site’s rankings rise. It is common for a position to reach the front page if enough people vote for it.

It is a news source

You may be wondering: “Is Reddit a news source?” The answer to this question depends on whom you ask. According to one American press institute study, people tend to trust the sources they know, including the Reddit community. That said, some rules make Reddit a poor news source. Listed in this blog are those few things you must remember while reading a Reddit article.

First of all, you should know what Reddit is. The descriptive “front page” of the Internet, Reddit, is a popular forum for discussing news. In a recent survey, 45 percent of Reddit users reported receiving election-related information. This rate matches that of Facebook and Twitter. Reddit is also a news source because the site comprises “subreddits” that focus on a particular topic.

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